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1 9 9 0 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Valerie (Rhoda) Harper returned to sitcom television on this short-lived comedy from CBS.

Harper starred as big-haired City Manager and widow Liz Gianni, working for corrupt Deputy Mayor Ken Resnick (Stephen Lee).

Her eccentric staff included Cuban purchasing agent Anna-Maria Batista (Liz Torres), who pronounced “yep” as “jep,” Wanda Jenkins (Tyra Ferrell), an African American secretary who was once married to a classical pianist, social worker and spoiled bubblehead Gloria Elgis (Mary Jo Keenan), and Roger Barnett (Todd Susman), the assistant city manager with a weakness for gambling.

LuAnne Ponce featured as Liz’s 19-year-old college-dropout daughter, Penny.

Liz Gianni
Valerie Harper
Penny Gianni
LuAnne Ponce
Anna-Maria Batista
Liz Torres
Wanda Jenkins
Tyra Ferrell
Gloria Elgis
Mary Jo Keenan
Roger Barnett
Todd Susman
Deputy Mayor Ken Resnick
Stephen Lee