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Cloning of Joanna May, The

1 9 9 2 (UK)
2 x 80 minute episodes

This Granada Television miniseries starred Patricia Hodge as Joanna May, a wealthy woman in her forties, who is obsessively in love with her estranged husband Carl (Brian Cox), who is the director of a nuclear energy corporation.

Unfortunately for Joanna, Carl – consumed by jealousy and bitterness after discovering his wife had a brief affair – has used genetic engineering to clone three younger copies of her.

Based on a novel by Fay Weldon, The Cloning of Joanna May is a darkly compelling modern-day fairy tale. With performances from a strong cast, this highly acclaimed two-part series, originally screened in 1992, is directed by the BAFTA-winning Phillip Saville

Joanna May
Patricia Hodge
Carl May
Brian Cox
Jane Jarvis
Emma Hardy
Alice Morthampton
Helen Adie
Gina Herriot
Laura Eddy
Billie Whitelaw
Mrs Love
Jean Boht
Robert Austin
Sarah Badel
Michael Brogan
Peter Capaldi
Police Inspector
Michael Carter
Amerjit Deu
Oliver Ford Davies