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Come In Spinner

1 9 9 0 (Australia)
2 x 100 minute episodes

This Australian miniseries was set in Sydney in the spring of 1944, where one million US servicemen took their final leave before the Pacific campaign.

The story centred on a week in the life of three women – Guinea (Rebecca Gibney), Deb (Kerry Armstrong) and Claire (Lisa Harrow) – who all worked in the beauty salon of the prestigious South Pacific Hotel.

The miniseries was based on the 1946 book by Dymphna Cusack and Florence James.

The music was arranged by Martin Armiger (ex-The Sports) and a superb soundtrack album featured Aussie jazz icon, Vince Jones and Grace Knight from Eurogliders.

Claire Jeffries
Lisa Harrow
Deb Forrest
Kerry Armstrong
Guinea Malone
Rebecca Gibney
Monnie Malone
Justine Clarke
Mrs Malone
Gillian Jones
Mr Malone
Brian Harrison
Angus McFarland
Rhys McConnochie
Nigel Carstairs
Gary Day
Kim Scott
Jay HackettJustine Clarke
Dallas McIntyre
Susan Lyons
Mrs Molesworth
Kerry Walker
Martin Vaughan
Ursula Cronin
Leverne McDonnell
Valerie Bader
Mr Sharlton
Peter Whitford
Mrs D’Arcy-Twining
Pat Bishop
Denise D’Arcy-Twining
Lucinda Jones
Mr D’Arcy-Twining
Russell Newman
Helen McFarland
Sonia Todd
Mrs Gartred
Judi Farr
Zoe Bertram
Rebecca Smart
Peter Browne
Mrs Scott
Monica Maughan
Shirley Noonan
Rebecca Rigg
Major Lew ‘Alfalfa’ Alfrickson
Randall Berger
Barbara Carstairs
Linden Wilkinson
Tyler Coppin
Tim McKenzie
Vince Jones
Bryan Marshall
Gary Sweet
Kim Scott
Ken Radley