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Common As Muck

1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 7 (UK)
12 x 55 minute episodes

Set in the fictional northern town of Hepworth, this comedy drama explored the lives of a team of unruly dustbin men – the so-called ‘supercrew’ – who discovered that the local council was planning to put their work out to private tender because of their lousy attitude and poor performance.

In a panic over likely job losses, the lads pulled out the stops to try to keep the contract for their DOG (Direct Operations Group) council subsidiary, in the face of glossy promises from Belgian outsiders, Propre UK.


Among the numerous colourful characters were ageing, gloomy veteran Nev (Edward Woodward), mad driver Foxy (Tim Healy), Foxy’s son Jonno (Stephen Lord), punchy Ken (Neil Dudgeon), simple-minded Bernard (Richard Ridings), student Sunil (Anthony Barclay), and cleansing manager John Parry (Roy Hudd).

When the lads returned for a second series, a new threat hung over their workplace: property tycoons wanted to redevelop their yard.

Nev had retired after 45 years and was planning to marry gold-digging new flame Irene (June Whitfield), while the other guys found themselves involved in new ventures like interior decorating and owning a hairdressing salon.


Corruption hung heavy in the air and the crew did their best to expose it.

At times dark and moody, but always capable of breaking into mirth, Common As Muck was well-received by critics and viewers alike.

Edward Woodward
Ken Andrews
Neil Dudgeon
Tim Healy
Bernard Green
Richard Ridings
Jonno Fox
Stephen Lord
Anthony Barclay
John Parry
Roy Hudd
Gardens Marie
Michelle Holmes
George Ward
Paul Kember
Denice Andrews
Nimmy March
Kathy Burke
Saeed Jaffrey
Dulcie Green
Freda Dowie
Guy Simmons
Ian Mercer
Dougie Hodd
Terence Rigby
Mike Roberts
Paul Shane
Christine Stranks
Lesley Sharp
Shirley Stelfox
Mike Kelly
June Whitfield
Reg Vickers
Alexei Sayle