Home Television Drama Counterstrike


1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 3 (Canada/France/USA)
66 x 60 minute episodes

Billionaire Canadian industrialist/tycoon Alexander Addington (Christopher Plummer) assembles a team of troubleshooters when his wife is kidnapped and killed by terrorists.

He vows to eliminate criminals who operate in those safe corridors between law enforcement jurisdictions.

The team – led by Englishman Peter Sinclair (Simon MacCorkindale) – included ex-con artist Nicole Beaumont (Cyrielle Clair) and soldier of fortune Luke Brenner (Stephen Shellen).

The pseudo-vigilante group went on to solve cases of international intrigue in Mission: Impossible-style scenarios.

New characters were added in the second season, including former French journalist Gabrielle Germont (Sophie Michaud) and ex-Navy SEAL and CIA operative Hector Stone (James Purcell).

Peter Sinclair
Simon MacCorkindale
Alexander Addington
Christopher Plummer
Gabrielle Germont
Sophie Michaud
Hector Stone
James Purcell
Tom Kneebone
Nicole Beaumont
Cyrielle Clair
Luke Brenner
Stephen Shellen
Andre Mayers
Helene Previn
Patricia Cartier
Suzanne Addington
Laurence Ashley