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Crime Traveller

1 9 9 7 (UK)
8 x 50 minute episodes

Jeff Slade (Michael French) is a detective with the CID department of the local police force led by Kate Grisham (a scowling Sue Johnston who seemed to have realised from day one what a horrorshow she’d found herself a part of).

Slade gets results although his approach is somewhat maverick and his methods leave a lot to be desired – and have landed him in trouble more than once.

Amongst Slade’s colleagues at the department is science officer Holly Turner (Chloë Annett) who has a secret that Slade manages to uncover.

Holly owns a working Time Machine that was built by her late father. Yes, it was as bad as that description makes it sound . . .

With its opening episode attracting over 11 million viewers, Crime Traveller initially appeared to be a success – subsequent episodes however showed a marked decline in viewers and this thoroughly miserable BBC series has, over the years, become something of a by-word for everything that is crass and unoriginal about TV. The show was cancelled after one season.

Detective Jeff Slade
Michael French
Science Officer Holly Turner
Chloë Annett
Detective Chief Inspector Kate Grisham
Sue Johnston
Detective Morris
Paul Trussell
Graduate Trainee Nicky Robson
Richard Dempsey
Danny, the caretaker
Bob Goody
Jack Chissick


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