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Crocodile Shoes

1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 6 (UK)
13 x 55 minute episodes

Having completed his work on cop drama Spender, Jimmy Nail decided to make music an integral part of his new project in which a Geordie factory worker attempts to become a country and western singer.

Set in post-Industrial Newcastle Upon Tyne, Jed Shepperd (Nail) is a lathe operator in the dying twilight of the shipbuilding industry. At home, he writes, performs and records catchy country and western songs.

Jed’s sister sends one of his demo tapes to a major label for consideration (without his knowledge) and label executive Ade Lynn (James Wilby) likes what he hears.

Ade guides Jed through the seedy world of recording studios, record executives, and radio industry nepotism to eventual airplay and fame in a rags-to-riches a la The Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Both the series and its spin-off album were a huge success with the single spending 23 weeks on the charts.

A second series (Crocodile Shoes II aired in 1996 and followed Jed as he worked on his “difficult second album”.

Jed Shepperd
Jimmy Nail
Ade Lynn
James Wilby
Sammy Johnson
Mike Elliot
Emma Shepperd
Melanie Hill
Vincenzo Pellegrino
Jeffrey Knox
Christopher Nichol
Trevor Fox
Big Chrissie
Paul Palance
Oliver Haden
Caroline Carrison
Alex Kingston
Berwick Kaler
John Bowler
Sue Nbokei
Ginny Holder
Peter Wingfield
Alan Clarke
Christopher Fairbank
Carmel Cantrell
Amy Madigan
Rex Hall
Brian Capron
Lou Benedetti
Burt Young
Jock Campbell
Harry Jones
Walter Fines
Roy Pattison
Max the Sax
Matt Devereaux
DI Machin
Matthew Marsh
Becky Shepperd
Hannah Tipple
Warren Bowles
Robert Morgan
Elizabeth Carling
Trevor Byfield
Lucy Lynn
Sara Stewart