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1 9 9 5 – 1 9 9 8 (USA)
87 x 30 minute episodes

Ageing bit-parting Los Angeles actress Cybill Sheridan (Cybill Shepherd) and hard-drinking best friend Maryann Thorpe (Christine Baranski) dealt with Cybill’s daughters – sarcastic Zoe (Alicia Witt) and conservative Rachel (Deedee Pfeiffer), her two ex-husbands – neurotic novelist Ira Woodbine (Alan Rosenberg) and dunder-headed stuntman Jeff Robbins (Tom Wopat), and Maryann’s ex, “Dr Dick” (Ray Baker) as well as Cybill’s struggling career.

Morgan Fairchild, Paula Abdul, Jonathan Frakes and Shepherd’s real-life ex-husband Peter Bogdanovich were among those on the obligatory roster of stellar guests.

CBS never gave the show the support it needed and moved it from timeslot to timeslot until the ratings dropped to the point where the network justified the need to cancel it.


Cybill Sheridan
Cybill Shepherd
Theresa Maryann Thorpe

Christine Baranski
Zoe Woodbine
Alicia Witt 
Ira Woodbine 

Alan Rosenberg
Rachel Blanders 

Deedee Pfeiffer
Kevin Blanders 

Peter Krause
Jeff Robbins 

Tom Wopat 
Justin Thorpe 

Danny Masterson
Dr Richard Thorpe
Ray Baker
Jay Paulson
Paula Cole