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DAAS Kapital

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 2 (Australia)
14 x 30 minute episodes

It is the end of history and Shitsu Tonka – the giant conglomerate of universal power that now owns the world – has placed the world’s art treasures in a giant submarine called the Titanic II.

Assigned to protect and catalogue these treasures are former comedians, the Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS) – obnoxious Tim, supercilious pretty boy Paul and feeble wimp Richard – who find themselves drawn into conflict with each other and the malevolent forces which surround them.

Also on board are Psycho Bob (Michael Petroni), lots of cockroaches and a live studio audience.

The fast-moving and fragmented episodes alternated between animated sequences, one-liners, visual jokes, musical numbers, set-pieces, spots from a Japanese newsreader (Khym Lam) and cameos from Bob Downe (Mark Trevorrow) as a tacky television celebrity and the obscure Flacco (Paul Livingston).

By the second series, the vessel the three Dougs were marooned in was now situated in outer space rather than the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

This was the first starring vehicle for the Doug Anthony Allstars, a comedy trio who rose from busking obscurity in Canberra through appearances on The Big Gig.

Timothy Langbean Ferguson
Tim Ferguson
Richard Cynthia Fidler
Richard Fidler
Paul Bumstead McDermott
Paul McDermott
Paul Livingston
Psycho Bob
Michael Petroni
Shitsu Tonka Newsreader
Khym Lam
Bob Downe
Mark Trevorrow