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Degrassi High

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 1(Canada)
28 x 30 minute episodes

This third series in the Degrassi franchise followed on from The Kids of Degrassi Street and Degrassi Junior High and featured the same characters (with some new ones added), who had now moved up to high school.

As with the previous shows, Degrassi High looked at problems affecting teenagers, though as the students got older, the issues they faced naturally became more complex and the programme developed a  slightly harder edge.

Stories now covered topics such as racism, divorce, bulimia, youth gangs, deaths in the family, suicide, AIDS, clinical depression, homosexuality, drug abuse, sexual abuse, peer pressure and grades at school.

In the first episode of the new series, Erica (Angela Deiseach) discovered she was pregnant after a summer fling with a camp counsellor. She confided only in her twin sister, Heather (Maureen Dieseach) and after a lot of teen angst, considered an abortion. But Heather was strongly opposed and their difference of opinion opened up a rift between them.

Erica eventually did choose to have an abortion and Heather’s support was a lifesaver in getting through the ordeal. The two-part episode was truncated by PBS for American audiences. This was not the case, however, with the CBC, which ran the complete version.

The second season of Degrassi High featured a two-part story in which one of the main characters, Dwayne (Darrin Brown) tested HIV positive. The school was papered with AIDS education posters, experts on AIDS visited to speak, and a condom machine was installed in the toilets.

Adults were rarely seen in Degrassi High with the series preferring to let its young characters sort out things for themselves in their murky moral universe.

The series was filmed in downtown Toronto and at Centennial College.

Degrassi High was followed by a two-hour TV movie called School’s Out in which the whole gang finally split up and went their individual ways, and a documentary series called Degrassi Talks.

Joey Jeremiah 
Pat Mastroianni
Caitlin Ryan 
Stacie Mistysyn
Derek ‘Wheels’ Wheeler
Neil Hope
Archie ‘Snake’ Simpson
Stefan Brogen
Irene Courakos
Michael Carry
Lucy Fernandez
Anais Granofsky
BLT (Bryant Thomas)
Dayo Ade
Erica Farrell
Angela Deiseach
Heather Farrell
Maureen Deiseach
Dwayne Myers
Darrin Brown
Christine ‘Spike’ Nelson
Amanda Stepto
Nancy Kramer
Arlene Lott
Maya Goldberg
Kyra Levy
Basil ‘Bronco’ Davis
L. Dean Ifill
Joanne Rutherford
Krista Houston
George Chaker
Michele Johnson-Murray
Michelle Accette
Maureen McKay
Allison Hunter
Sara Holmes
Yick Yu
Siluck Sayanasy
Amy Holmes
Jacy Hunter


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