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Detectives, The

1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 7 (UK)
31 x 30 minute episodes

What began as a series of occasional short sketches on Canned Carrott in 1990 was eventually expanded into a full series of amiable, harmless comedy starring Jasper Carrott as Detective Constable Bob Louis and Robert Powell as his partner, DC Dave Briggs.

The two bumbling Brummie detectives weren’t much cop. In fact, they were as incompetent and inept as they come.

Guests included John Nettles (as Jim Bergerac), Rula Lenska, Jerry Hall, Gareth Hunt, Derek Fowlds, Georgina Hale, Richard O’Brien, Christopher Ellison, Philip Glenister, Barry Cryer, Anthony Head, Leslie Grantham, Bryan Pringle, Bill Oddie, Russell Hunter, Nosher Powell, Herbert Lom, Kevork Malikyan, Jimmy Tarbuck and Noel Edmonds.

DC Bob Louis
Jasper Carrott
DC Dave Briggs
Robert Powell
Superintendent Cottam
George Sewell
Chief Superintendent
Frank Windsor
Tony Selby
Mark Steel