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Doctor, Doctor

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)
40 x 30 minute episodes

Dr Mike Stratford (Matt Frewer) is an eccentric general practitioner who uses unusual but effective techniques to deal with patients.

He and his fellow doctors, Deirdre Bennett (Maureen Mueller), Abraham Butterfield (Julius Carry) and Grant Linowitz (Beau Gravitte), are partners in the Rhode Island-based Northeast Medical Partners. They are later joined by Grant’s bossy sister, Leona (Anne Ramsay), a psychiatrist who was divorced from the unseen Philip who called her “The Domineering Bitch.”

Mike has written the medical books Panacea: A Medical Love Story and The Practice, and is also the advice doctor on “Wake Up Providence,” a local morning news show on WNTV-TV that is hosted by Pia Bismark (Sarah Abrell).

Mike’s family include his parents, Connie (Inga Swenson) and Harold (Dakin Matthews) and his gay brother, Richard (Tony Carreiro).

Mike had attended Harvard Medical School (as did Deirdre, Abe and Grant) and eats at Johnny’s Bar and Grill. His favourite baseball team is the New York Mets.

Other characters included Abraham’s wife, Gail (Candy Ann Brown); their son, Justin (Marlon Taylor); Deirdre’s father, Bill Murtagh (Dion Anderson) and Leona’s daughter, Emily Linowitz (Anna Slotky).

Dr Mike Stratford
Matt Frewer
Dr Abe Butterfield
Julius Carry
Dr Grant Linowitz
Beau Gravitte
Dr Deirdre Bennett
Maureen Mueller
Nurse Faye Barylski
Audrie Neenan
Pia Bismarck
Sarah Abrell
Dr Leona Linowitz
Anne Ramsay
Richard Stratford
Tony Carreiro
Dr Harold Stratford
Dakin Matthews
Connie Stratford
Inga Swenson
Gail Butterfield
Candy Ann Brown
Justin Butterfield
Marlon Taylor
Dion Anderson
Bill Murtagh
Emily Linowitz
Anna Slotky