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Dracula: The Series

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 1 (USA/Canada)
21 x 22 minute episosdes

When Pennsylvania Industrial Bank executive Eileen Townsend (Lynne Cormack) receives an assignment in Europe, she takes her sons, 16-year-old Christopher (Joe Roncetti) and 10-year-old Maximillian (Jacob Tierney) with her.

While Eileen attends to business, Max and Chris are to stay with their uncle, Gustav Helsing (Bernard Behrens) and Sophie Metternich (Mia Kirshner), a teenage girl who lives with Gustav while she is attending school. Sophie hopes to become a musician and is studying the viola.

Sophie, Max and Chris learn that the ruthless billionaire industrialist Alexander Lucard (Geordie Johnson) is actually the infamous Count Dracula and is now in a position to take over the world via his corporate connections (he owns Lucard Industries).

They also discover that Uncle Gustav is a descendant of the famous Helsing family of vampire hunters and is seeking to destroy Lucard before he can spread his evil.

Stories relate the group’s various encounters with Lucard as they seek to end his reign of terror.

The Cross of Magarus, which hangs over the staircase in Gustav’s home, protects the premises from Lucard (who can’t enter the house).

Lucard is the most sophisticated vampire of his breed. He can live in the daylight (but has no vampire powers); hence, a stake through the heart is the only way to destroy him. His deepest secret is located behind a secret wall in the fireplace of his castle. It is another dimension, “a hole in the fabric of time”, which gives Lucard his strength.

Sophie is young, beautiful and sensuous and has type AB-negative blood – Dracula’s favourite. Max considers himself a vampire expert and carries his “bag of weapons” with him at all times (holy water, stakes, crosses and garlic).

Gustav’s son, Klaus (Geraint Wyn Davies) was bitten by Lucard and is now a vampire who is seeking to destroy Lucard and become “the greatest vampire of all”.

The series was filmed in Luxemburg. Unfortunately, the 21 episodes end with a cliffhanger, but no further seasons were commissioned.

Alexander Lucard
Geordie Johnson
Gustav Helsing
Bernard Behrens
Sophie Metternich
Mia Kirshner
Max Townsend
Jacob Tierney
Chris Townsend
Joe Roncetti
Eileen Townsend
Lynne Cormack
Klaus Helsing
Geraint Wyn Davies