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Duck Patrol

1 9 9 8 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This sedate Sunday night ITV comedy – about a ragtag bunch of cops working for the Thames River Police at Ravensbeck, a quiet backwater on the upper Thames – only lasted one series.

It was a gentle, relaxed, old fashioned type of comedy starring Richard Wilson – on a break from One Foot In The Graveas ageing constable “Prof” Rose; future Doctor Who star David Tennant as his sidekick, the geeky young PC Simon ‘Darwin’ Brown; and Samantha Beckinsale as WPC Gillian ‘Marilyn’ Monroe.

The other officers were PC James ‘Ollie’ Oliver (Trevor Cooper), who was constantly eating; PC Kevin ‘Taz’ Delaney (Jason Watkins); PC Stan Murdoch (John Biggins) and newcomer PC “Hero” Travers (Craig Fairbrass).

Their lazy boss, “Sarge” (Geoffrey Hutchings) – who was scared of boats – spent all his time fishing leaving the Prof to manage the day to day running of the team investigating illegally moored houseboats, sheep-stealing, boat burglars, domestic disputes and black-market booze smugglers.

In one episode, Darwin was convinced he had seen a mermaid (it turned out to be an actress shooting a television commercial). Sue Johnston played the Prof’s pub landlady girlfriend, Val.

PC Roland ‘Prof’ Rose
Richard Wilson
WPC Gillian ‘Marilyn’ Monroe
Samantha Beckinsale
PC James ‘Ollie’ Oliver
Trevor Cooper
PC Simon ‘Darwin’ Brown
David Tennant
PC “Hero” Travers
Craig Fairbrass
Sgt Malcolm ‘Sarge’ White
Geoffrey Hutchings
PC Kevin ‘Taz’ Delaney
Jason Watkins
PC Stan Murdoch
John Biggins
Val Rutland
Sue Johnston
Angie Tennant
Jan Ravens
Victoria Plum


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