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1 9 9 5 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

Cyberbyte Software is a high-tech computer company established by Warren Mosbey (Peter Scolari), a software developer who believes he can create what the public needs for less. His inspiration for developing programs is to jump and down on a trampoline.

He hires three computer geeks (“Dweebs”) – Karl (Stephen Tobolowsky), Vic (Corey Feldman) and Morley (David Kaufman) – none of whom have any social skills. He also hires an office manager, Carey (Farrah Forke), who is computer illiterate but is so pretty that the Dweebs decide to keep her on anyway.

Episodes followed the mishaps that plagued the startup software company as they struggle to succeed where many had failed.

Todd (Adam Biesk) was hired by Carey to help her around the office.

Warren Mosbey
Peter Scolari
Farrah Forke
Stephen Tobolowsky
David Kaufman
Corey Feldman
Adam Biesk