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E Street

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 3 (Australia)
404 x 50 minute episodes

This Australian soap opera was set in a tough (fictional) inner-city district of Sydney called Westside. Actual location shooting was filmed in real inner-city suburbs Balmain, Rozelle and Newtown.

Original core characters included the bombastic but fair cop Sergeant George Sullivan (Les Dayman), local legal aid lawyer Sarah McKillop (Katrina Sedgewick), district nurse Martha O’Dare (Cecily Polson) who worked at the medical centre with Dr Elly Fielding (Penny Cook), gruff publican Ernie Patchett (Vic Rooney), and the very hip Levi-wearing Reverend Bob Brown (Tony Martin).

The main attraction for younger viewers was trendy Lisa Bennett (Alyssa-Jane Cook), who was from the wrong side of the tracks and destined for a troubled love life.

Early ratings figures for the series were not brilliant and changes to the cast and style were introduced, beginning a 4-year bumpy ride for the residents of Westside.

The turning point in the storyline came six months into the show’s run when original character Rhonda Berry (Melanie Salomon) was shot dead while being held hostage. Shortly afterwards came the shocking rape and strangulation murder of key character Sarah McKillop by the evil Sam Bulmer (Serge Lazareff) after he had developed a fixation on her.

The 1991 season was dominated by an extensive and convoluted plot featuring a sadistic serial killer with his face painted half black and half silver, nicknamed ‘Mr Bad’.

Mr Bad’s reign of terror began with the shocking murder of Dr Virginia Travis (Julieanne Newbould) followed soon after by Sheridan Sturgess’s brother Michael (Graham Harvey).

When Sheridan finally uncovered the truth about Mr Bad – it was Clare Fielding’s karate teacher, Vince Martin (Stephen Richardson) – she blew his face off with a shotgun while he was in custody at Westside police station.

Mr Bad survived his severe injuries, but remained unable to speak and spent most of his time in a hospital bed with his face covered – allowing the character to continue with a different actor (Olav Evensen) in the part.

The preposterous storyline was a huge success, driving the series to #1 in the Australian ratings.

The soap’s popularity also led to short-lived pop careers for Melissa Tzautz, Toni Pearen and even Bruce Samazan, who, with his adorable dimples, became a beloved 90s pin-up boy.

Martha O’Dare
Cecily Polson
Sergeant George Sullivan
Les Dayman
Reverend Bob Brown
Tony Martin
Ernie Patchett
Vic Rooney
Toni Windsor
Toni Pearen
Clare Fielding
Brooke Anderson
Constable Max Simmons
Bruce Samazan
Lisa Bennett
Alyssa-Jane Cook
Sarah McKillop
Katrina Sedgewick
Alice Sullivan
Marianne Howard
Dr Elly Fielding
Penny Cook (1)
Diane Craig (2)
Dr David Fielding
Noel Hodda
Paul Berry
Warren Jones
Rhonda Berry
Melanie Salomon
Craig ‘CJ’ Jones
Adrian Lee
Chris Patchett
Paul Kelman
Joey Valentine
Lorry D’Ercole
Nikki Spencer
Melissa Tkautz
Kelley Abbey
Harley Brown
Malcolm Kennard
James Newman
Scott McRae
Sheridan Sturgess
Kate Raison
Vi Patchett
Bunney Brooke
Penny O’Brien
Josephine Mitchell
Charlie O’Brien
Pru McGuire
Zac Spencer
Daniel Knight
Constable Sam Farrell
Simon Baker
Megan Bromley
Lisbeth Kennelly
Stanley ‘Wheels’ Kovac
Marcus Graham
Abby Rossiter
Chelsea Brown
Bonnie Tate
Melissa Bell
Margaret Bennett
Briony Behets
Jennifer St James
Virginia Hey
Dr Virginia Travis
Julieanne Newbould
Sally McKinnon
Joanna Lockwood
Miki Fallon
Peta Toppano
Sam Bullmer
Serge Lazareff
Vince Martin/Mr Bad
Stephen Richardson (1)
Olav Evensen (2)