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Earth 2

1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 5 (USA)
1 x 120 minute episode
18 x 60 minute episod

200 years in the future, a girl named Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino) is born – like her parents and her grandparents before her – on one of the space stations that surround the Earth.

When Devon has a son (Ulysses, called Uly), she discovers he suffers from a disease called ‘Syndrome’ (caused by a lack of fresh air and fresh water).

Devon and 250 other Syndrome families fear the same thing will affect future generations and devise a plan (called “The Eden Project”) to save the syndrome children by colonising the charted New Pacifica area of a planet called G-8-89, which has an 83% habitability possibility

The planet is 22 light-years away and each pioneer must spend years in hibernation during the time it takes to journey to New Pacifica.

After years in space, Devon and her advance crew are awakened as their ship approaches the planet. However, a magnetic disruption of the programmed landing forces the advance party to ditch their main ship and escape in pod crafts.

The pods crash-land on an uncharted area of the planet where danger and strange creatures lurk at every turn.

The mothership containing 250 families is due to land in the target area of New Pacifica in 26 months. If Devon and her crew can reach New Pacifica in nine months, it will give them 17 months to establish a homeland.

The series follows their dangerous trek through 3,400 miles of alien badlands – inhabited by the subterranean species the Terrians and the less intellectual Grendlers – to find New Pacifica and build a hospital for the children who can’t survive on the space stations.

The locations were stunning (filming took place in the New Mexico desert), the special effects were great – especially the creatures of Oscar-winning designer Greg Cannon – and Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) made a captivating baddie, but the expedition was unable to beat off long-winded plots and attacks of melodrama.

US network NBC eventually suspended Earth 2 with the characters still many miles from their new Eden.

Devon Adair
Debrah Farentino
Alonzo Solace
Antonio Sabato Jr
John Danziger
Clancy Brown
Sullivan Walker
Tim Curry
Ulysses ‘Ully’ Adair
Joey Zimmerman
John Danziger
Clancy Brown
True Danziger
J. Madison Wright
Broderick O’Neill
Richard Bradford
Bess Martin
Rebecca Gayheart
Julia Heller
Jessica Steen
Morgan Martin
John Gegenhuber
Tierre Turner
Walter Norman
Marcia Magus
Rockmond Dunbar