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Earth: Final Conflict

1 9 9 7 – 2 0 0 2 (USA)
110 x 45 minute episodes

This series, set in the 21st century, was based on a lost outline by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry that was found (written on a napkin) by his wife, Majel Barrett, after his death.

The Taelons are an androgynous alien race that arrives on Earth claiming to want to share their ability to end famine, illness and crime. Although the majority of mankind accepts the Taelons as friendly and sincere, there are those who disbelieve them and form a resistance movement.

Among the resistance members are William Boone (Kevin Kilner), a former Special Forces operative turned police captain, and his partner, Lili Marquette (Lisa Howard), an ex-Marine.

Fate intervenes when Boone is assigned to protect Da’an (Leni Parker), the Taelon’s Overseer, and thwarts an assassination attempt on her life.

Boone is made the Taelon Interspecies Liaison with Lili as his assistant, although unbeknownst to Da’an, Boone and Lili are still working for the resistance to discover the Taelon’s true mission on Earth.

Boone is eventually killed off and replaced by Major Liam Kincaid (Robert Leeshock), an alien who has been sent to Earth by the Jaridians, the mortal enemies of the Taelons. Unaware of Liam’s true identity, Da’an appoints him as her new protector.

The third season introduces Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer), the new partner for Liam when Lili is discovered to be working for the resistance. The fourth season reveals that the Taelons are, in fact, nearly extinct and need a new life source to sustain themselves, and need to use humans as test subjects in experiments to help save their species.

It is also revealed that the Taelons and Jaridians were once the same species and split apart over time.

During the final season, a fusion of the Taelon and the Jaridians forms a new race called the Atavus, who claim the Earth is theirs and will reclaim it at any cost.

A battle ensues to save the Earth from the Atavus and as the series concludes, the Atavus leave the Earth in peace and return to their homeworld as one race, thus righting an ancient wrong of splitting into two races.

Leni Parker
William Boone
Kevin Kilner
Lili Marquette
Lisa Howard
Liam Kincaid
Robert Leeshock
Renee Palmer
Jayne Heitmeyer
Agent Ronald Sandoval
Von Flores
Anita La Selva
Juliet Street
Melinda Deines
Guylaine St-Onge
Alan Van Sprang
Dr Julianne Belman
Majel Barrett
Marcus ‘Augur’ Deveraux
Richard Chevolleau
Jonathan Doors
David Hemblen