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1 9 9 3 (USA)
26 x 25 minute episodes

Eden is an exclusive resort set in a lush tropical paradise and owned by the Sinclair family.

Grant Sinclair (Jeff Griggs) and his brother Josh (Steve Chase) run the resort; Eve (Barbara Alyn Woods) is Grant’s wife; Randi Banks (Darcy DeMoss) is the athletic director; and B.D. Thomas (Jack Armstrong) is the scuba instructor.

While stories revolve around the rich and powerful people who come to vacation at the resort, it also focuses on Eve after Grant is killed in a boating accident. It is almost two years since Grant’s death when the series begins and Eve is still single.

A condition of Grant’s will stipulated that, for Eve to remain in control of Eden, she must remarry within two years of his death. Eve, however, still loves Grant and is struggling to overcome recurring erotic dreams and fantasies caused by the accident.

As the deadline approaches, Eve must learn to suppress her feelings for Grant and move on. Particular attention is paid to this aspect as Eve attempts to meet the conditions of the will and assume her place as the head of Eden.

Eve Sinclair
Barbara Alyn Woods
Josh Sinclair
Steve Chase
Randi Banks
Darcy DeMoss
B.D. Thomas
Jack Armstrong
Grant Sinclair
Jeff Griggs
Diana Barton
Elizabeth Lambert
Christoph M. Ohrt
Greg Baron
John Romualdi