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Elly & Jools

1 9 9 0 (Australia)
12 x 25 minute episodes

The spirit of a young girl named Elly Lockett (Rebecca Smart) haunts an old hotel in the small town of Waterloo Creek in Australia. Elly died mysteriously in the 19th century and is seeking to discover why she was killed.

Streetwise city kid Julian Trevaller (Clayton Williamson) – nicknamed ‘Jools’ – and his parents, David (Peter Fisher) and Anna (Anne Tenney), are newcomers to Waterloo Creek, having just purchased the old coach inn, which is called the Help Me Through The World.

Elly reveals herself to Jools, who, at first, doesn’t believe she is a ghost – until she proves it to him.

Stories follow the efforts of Elly and Jools to solve the mystery of her death – efforts which are complicated by Jools’ weird and wacky neighbours, the O’Farrells: Liam (Damon Herriman), Bridget (Vanessa Collier) and Feral (Dennis Miller) – who are supposedly searching for a buried treasure.

70s sex symbol Abigail plays Dulcie Dickson, an unconventional lady mayoress who dreams of becoming a country and western singer.

The final episode reveals that Elly, in fact, died in a tragic accident. Finally at peace, she passes to the afterlife and reunites with her (deceased) family while – back at Waterloo Creek – Jools meets a girl called Eloise, who is identical to Elly.

Eleanor ‘Elly’ Lockett
Rebecca Smart
Julian ‘Jools’ Trevaller
Clayton Williamson
David Trevaller
Peter Fisher
Anna Trevaller
Anne Tenney
Dulcie Dickson
Liam O’Farrell
Damon Herriman
Bridget O’Farrell
Vanessa Collier
Feral O’Farrell
Dennis Miller
Sergeant Digges
Bob Baines
Horatio Digges
David Ritchie
Bruce Venables
Sascha Huckstepp