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Fast Forward

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 2 (Australia)
74 x 60 minute episodes

Fast Forward was an innovative Australian comedy sketch show with an extraordinarily talented cast, who specialised in parodying other Australian TV programmes and commercials.

Regular characters such as Hunch, Kerri Ann Kennel and Pixie Ann Wheatley became as famous as actual celebrities, and much of their vocabulary entered the Australian mainstream.

Other favourites included; Victor & Sveta in Good Morning Moscow and In Moscow Tonight  (“Victor, you are a very unattractive man”), SBS Viewing Highlights (“I am already quivering with anticipation for that one”), Skippy (memorable episodes like “Skippy & the nuclear bomb”), Carmel (“I said ‘Darl’, I said ‘love’, I said ‘Pet'”), Chenille’s Institute de Beaut-ay and House of Hair Removal, Mary MacGregor and her scotch-ridden Recession Tips, The Dodgy Brothers, Dumb Street and the most famous gay flight attendants in Australia.

Fast Forward eventually underwent a metamorphosis (including a significant cast change) and became Full Frontal, but the formula stayed the same

fastforward3 fastforward6

Peter Moon
Steve Vizard
Glenn Robbins
Eric Bana
Jane Turner
Magda Szubanski
Michael Veitch
Gina Riley