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Fifth Corner, The

1 9 9 2 (USA)
1 x 120 minute episode
4 x 45 minute episodes

Richard Braun (Alex McArthur) is an industrial spy with many talents. He is called ‘The Fifth Corner’ – if there is no way out, he will find one.

While on assignment in Honduras, Richard spends the night drinking and cavorting with a gorgeous redhead, is hit on the head and wakes up next to a dead brunette. He manages to escape, but the fractured skull he suffered in the attack leaves him a virtual amnesiac. He has little memory and doctors cannot guarantee a full recovery.

Richard is given a passport for “Richard Braun” when he leaves Honduras and discovers he works as a trouble-shooter for the sinister Grandwell Corporation, headed by reclusive billionaire Dr Grandwell (James Coburn). He also discovers clothes for five different identities in his closet.

He is living in a house owned by Grandwell and has a cigar-chomping, former alcoholic driver called Boone (J.E. Freeman) who is paid for by Grandwell. There is also a mysterious red-haired journalist who pops up wherever he goes.

Braun decides to continue working for Grandwell in order to help the journalist (Kim Delaney) – apparently a former lover – expose his activities. Boone turns his allegiance to Braun because Richard is the only person who ever took him to lunch.

Anthony Valentine appeared as  ‘The Hat’ – the man who did all Grandwell’s dirty work.

Transmission of the NBC series was interrupted by the LA riots following the death of Rodney King and the remaining episodes never aired.

Richard Braun
Alex McArthur
Dr Grandwell
James Coburn
Erica Fontaine
Kim Delaney
J.E. Freeman
The Hat
Anthony Valentine


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