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Forever Knight

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 4 (USA)
69 x 30 minute episodes

The tales of a blood-sucker who seeks to atone for his sins by becoming a homicide cop, Forever Knight was a derivative and pretentious mix of Highlander  (1986) and Interview With The Vampire (1994) which began life as a two-hour pilot in 1989 (with Prog Rock star Rick Wakeman in the title role)

For the series, the fanged part went to Welsh-born actor Geraint Wyn Davies, who had previously starred in the revival of Airwolf.

The hero was Nick Knight, a 700-year-old vampire who wanted to be a mortal human, and who went to work (on the after-dark shift, of course) as a detective on a big-city police force. Knight went to war against criminals and other vampires who resented his heroic new lifestyle.


Also appearing on the show were Catherine Disher as Dr Natalie Lambert, the only non-vampire who knew the truth about Knight’s background, and John Kapelos as Knight’s sarcastic partner, Don Schanke.

Vampires Lacroix and Janette (Knight’s former girlfriend) were played by Nigel Bennett and Deborah Duchene respectively, and Gary Farmer played Knight’s original boss, Captain Stonetree.

Captain Amanda Cohen (Natsuko Ohama) replaced Stonetree in later episodes.

The series – filmed on location in Toronto – performed well in the US ratings, thanks mostly to some occasional humour and a stylishly Gothic atmosphere.

Detective Nick Knight
Geraint Wyn Davies
Detective Don Schanke

John Kapelos
Dr Natalie Lambert

Catherine Disher

Nigel Bennett

Deborah Duchene
Captain Stonetree
Gary Farmer
Captain Amanda Cohen
Natsuko Ohama