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Good Advice

1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 4 (USA)
19 x 30 minute episodes

Marriage counsellor Susan DeRuzza (Shelley Long) and divorce attorney Jack Harold (Treat Williams) share adjoining offices on the 3rd floor at the Professional Office Building in Los Angeles.

Susan believes in marriage although she is separated from her husband, Joey (Chris McDonald initially, and then Peter Onorati), whom she caught cheating on her. She has a PhD in psychology and a Masters degree in family counselling and wrote the book Giving and Forgiving.

Susan is trying to patch up her marriage and care for her son Michael (Ross Malinger), who attends the Montana Avenue Elementary School. Jack (who has a gambling problem) is constantly harassed by Susan for stealing her clients to help them decide who gets what when they divorce, while Jack complains that Susan steals his clients to get them back together again.

Sharing the third floor is chiropractor Artie Cohen (George Wyner). He was born in Sheeps Head Bay, Brooklyn (New York) and Susan considers Artie “The Jewish uncle I never had.” He frequents the Cuchina, the Italian restaurant in the lobby.

Paige Turner (Teri Garr) is Susan’s sister who works as the third-floor receptionist – a job previously held by Artie’s mother, Ronnie (Estelle Harris) and Lynn Casey (Kiersten Warren) before her.

Her prior Seattle business, Salmon in a Cup, folded (as did her computer chip jewellery business). She has her own public access TV talk show called Paige (which costs her $68.50 to produce) and is a member of the Independent Women’s Association.

Other regulars include Susan’s housekeeper, Henriette (Henriette Mantell); Jack’s parents, Dooley (Anne Mears) and Jack Sr (Dick O’Neill); Artie’s daughter, Jackie (Anndi McAfee), and Sean (Lightfield Lewis) – a weirdo who hangs around the building (and rides on top of the elevator).

Susan DeRuzza
Shelley Long
Jack Harold
Treat Williams
Michael DeRuzza
Ross Malinger
Artie Cohen
George Wyner
Paige Turner
Teri Garr
Henriette Campbell
Henriette Mantel
Jack Harold Sr
Dick O’Neill
Dooley Harold
Anne Mears
Sean Trombitas
Lightfield Lewis
Ronnie Cohen
Estelle Harris
Jackie Cohen
Anndi McAfee
Lynn Casey
Kiersten Warren