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Grace and Favour

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 3 (UK)
12 x 30 minute episodes

After ‘Young Mr Grace’ (owner of the Grace Brothers department store) dies in an unfortunate scuba-diving incident while on holiday in the Caribbean with his personal secretary, Miss Jessica Lovelock (Joanne Heywood), the staff at the store find their pension fund has been unwisely invested in Millstone Manor – a country manor house, currently operating as a hotel.

With no other options, Mr Humphries (John Inman), Mrs Slocombe (Mollie Sugden), Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton), Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard) and Mr Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) reluctantly team up and attempt to turn the hotel into a profitable business venture.

Featuring the original cast members from Are You Being Served? and comedy-writing legends David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, Grace & Favour reunited the dysfunctional Grace Brothers sales team for more misadventures and innuendo-laden squabbling.

Several new characters were also added to the show: Joanne Heywood as Miss Lovelock, Billy Burden as farmer Maurice Moulterd, and Fleur Bennett as his daughter, Mavis, appeared in all 12 episodes.

Michael Bilton, as Mr Grace’s solicitor, Mr Thorpe, and his assistant, Miss Prescott, played by Shirley Cheriton, also appeared regularly.

The series was released in some overseas markets as Are You Being Served? Again!

Mrs Betty Slocombe
Mollie Sugden
Mr Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries
John Inman
Miss Shirley Brahms
Wendy Richard
Captain Stephen Peacock
Frank Thornton
Mr Cuthbert Rumbold
Nicholas Smith
Mavis Moulterd
Fleur Bennett
Jessica Lovelock
Joanne Heywood
Morris Moulterd
Billy Burden
Mr Thorpe
Michael Bilton
Miss Prescott
Shirley Cheriton
Mr Frobisher
Gregory Cox
Malcolm Heathcliff
Andrew Barclay
Celia Littlewood
Diane Holland
Joseph Lee
Andy Joseph
Sir Robert
Eric Dodson
Mrs Cleghampton
Maggie Holland


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