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Gravy Train, The/Gravy Train Goes East, The

1 9 9 0 (UK)
4 x 50 minute episodes
1 9 9 1 (UK)
4 x 50 minute episodes

This four-episode British comedy from Channel 4 about bureaucratic bribery and corruption in the EEC saw idealistic young Eurocrat Hans-Joachim Dorfmann (Christoph Waltz) becoming involved with EU politics, a surplus of rotting plums, shady fixers and the Machiavellian schemes of the self-serving British diplomat Michael Spearpoint (Ian Richardson).

A four-part sequel, The Gravy Train Goes East, was produced in 1991 with the newly “liberated” Eastern European backwater of Slaka, headed by president-cum-romantic novelist Katya Princip (Francesca Annis), aspiring to join the EU. Unfortunately, its sole supporter was Hans-Joachim Dorfmann.

Waltz and Richardson reprised their roles, joined by Roger Lloyd Pack, Jeremy Child, John Dicks and Henry Goodman.

Dr Hans-Joachim Dorfmann
Christoph Waltz
Michael Spearpoint
Ian Richardson
Almanta Suska
Vlad Milcic
Alexei Sayle
Jean -Luc Villeneuve
Jacques Sereys
Anita Zagaria
Sabine Weber
Hilda Spearpoint
Judy Parfitt
Geoffrey Hutchings
Amanda Mealing
Phillip Joseph
Maria Theresa
Julia Dearden
Stephen Greif