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Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 7 (USA)
101 x 30 minute episodes

Mark Cooper (Mark Curry) is a former student at Oakridge High School in Oakland, California, where he had been the star of the school’s basketball team and tried out for the professional league but failed in his efforts.

He had returned to his alma mater to teach science and history, working under principal P.J. Moore (Nell Carter). She and Mark had grown up together and he called her ‘Peaches’. His students call him ‘Coop’ and he is also the coach for the school’s cheerleading team, the Penguinettes, and of the Oakland Peanut League basketball team.

Coop lives at 653 Hamilton Street in a house he shares with Vanessa Russell (Holly Robinson) and Robin Dumars (Dawnn Lewis).

Vanessa was originally an executive secretary at the investment firm of Toplin and Toplin. She had hoped to become a stockbroker but later developed an interest in the medical profession and worked as an orthopaedic nurse at the Sweetwater Retirement Home, then as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) trainee and finally a licensed EMT with an ambulance crew.

Robin is the music teacher at Oakridge High School. She is a sweet girl but somewhat jealous that Vanessa can eat what she wants yet maintain her slim figure.

When Robin moves out in the second season, Coop buys the house with Vanessa and his cousin, Geneva Lee (Saundra Quarterman), a single mother, and her young daughter, Nicole (Raven Symone), become their new tenants. Geneva is initially the new music teacher at Oakridge, then the acting principal and finally the principal.

Mark Cooper
Mark Curry
Vanessa Russell
Holly Robinson
Robin Dumars
Dawnn Lewis
Geneva Lee
Saundra Quarterman
Nicole Lee
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P.T. Moore
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