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Have I Got News For You

1 9 9 0 – Current (UK)

This political quiz show features two teams of two (captained by Private Eye editor Ian Hislop and comedian Paul Merton with a different guest panellist – usually a politician, media celebrity or journalist – each episode) who face a series of questions based on the week’s news.

Answers are amusing rather than factual and although points are awarded, there is little evidence that the scores are actually kept accurately or even matter at all.

The show was hosted for the first 12 years by actor and comedian Angus Deayton, but he was dropped after scandalous revelations about his private life, including allegations of cocaine abuse.

Since then the quiz master has changed every week. Comedian Alexander Armstrong has occupied the chair most often.

Have I Got News For You often runs the risk of infringing English libel laws, but Hislop has made a running gag out of adding “allegedly” to the most controversial remarks.