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Herman’s Head

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 4 (USA)

Aspiring writer Herman Brooks (William Ragsdale) worked as a fact-checker in the research department at Waterton Publishing in Manhattan, where he earned $22,500 a year. He lived at Apartment 3C, 564 West 58th Street and hoped one day to become a writer.

Inside Herman’s head resided four distinct characters who collectively made up his personality. Appropriately named Angel, Wimp, Genius and Animal, these characters bickered over every and any thought, action or decision Herman had to make.

Pretty Angel (Molly Hagan) was his moral, sensitive, spiritual side; Genius (Peter Mackenzie) was his tweedy, somewhat pompous intellect; Wimp (Rick Lawless) was the embodiment of his anxieties; and Animal (Ken Hudson Campbell) was his lusty, amoral, pleasure-seeking side.

The writing was clever and spritely and while Herman’s alter-egos tried to guide him through his life, they argued with each other, negotiated, ganged up on each other, panicked, and sometimes got it wrong.

Yeardley Smith (the voice of Bart’s sister, Lisa, in The Simpsons) was hilarious as Herman’s sweet, witty co-worker, Louise. Her timing was brilliant and she used her adorable little moon-pie face and angst-ridden scrap of a voice to wonderful comedic effect.

Herman’s gruff, demanding boss, Mr Bracken was exquisitely deadpanned by Jason Bernard, his office rival – the scheming, drop-dead gorgeous Heddy – was played by Jane Sibbett, and his narcissistic pal Jay was played by Hank Azaria.

Herman had a brief romantic affair with Elizabeth (Julia Campbell), a writer for Manhattan Weekly magazine. Elizabeth had an apartment at Washington Square Park.

Herman’s 19-year-old sister, Suzie Brooks, provided an early role for Jennifer Aniston, who went on to fame in Friends.

Herman Brooks
William Ragsdale
Louise Fitzer

Yeardley Smith
Molly Hagan
Rick Lawless
Peter Mackenzie
Ken Hudson Campbell
Jay Nichols 

Hank Azaria
Heddy Newman
Jane Sibbett
Mr Paul Bracken
Jason Bernard
Mr Crawford
Edward Winter
Julia Campbell