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Hope It Rains

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 2 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Taking a break from playing intimidating tough guys in uncompromising dramas, Tom Bell starred in this promising sitcom written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey – but far from being among their best work.

Bell was cast as Harry Nash, perfectly content in his self-centred world until his 18-year-old god-daughter, Jace (Holly Aird), burrows her way in upon the death of her parents. The victim of a tough childhood (but not above playing up to it) the abrasive Jace takes an immediate dislike to Harry – a feeling that is most definitely reciprocated.

Moody and selfish and snug in his bachelor world, Harry runs the Empire Wax Museum in a run-down seaside resort, always desirous of precipitation (hence the title of the show) because it brings in more customers.

In life, Harry is no taker, so he doesn’t expect to have to give either. But Jace’s arrival as his only lodger (and his legal ward) means that he has to accommodate a second person.

As far as Harry is concerned, Jace “makes the Artful Dodger look like a choirboy”, and her rudeness and poor temperament matches Harry’s completely.

The personality clash is a situation that Harry’s kind-hearted friend, Dennis (Eamon Boland) – a holiday snap photographer running his own business (called ‘Shutters’) next door to the wax museum – constantly tries to smooth.

An idealist by nature, Dennis cares for Jace more than Harry does, but his attempts to calm the waters of their stormy relationship are inevitably doomed to fail.

Harry Nash
Tom Bell
Jace Elliott
Holly Aird
Dennis Portland
Eamon Boland