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Jackie Thomas Show, The

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 3 (USA)
18 x 30 minute episodes

This series presents a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a top-rated weekly television show – also called The Jackie Thomas Show – starring Jackie Thomas (Tom Arnold), his wife, Helen, and their teenage son, Timmy

Jackie – conceited, demanding, obnoxious and overbearing – hails from Iowa and previously worked in a slaughterhouse. He wants the show to himself and gets very upset when a co-star receives too much fan mail or too much airtime.

Jackie can’t act and think at the same time, and he is quite naive when it comes to world affairs.

Staff members on the show have a policy of not making friends with each other because “it’s really sad when they get fired”. Jerry Harper (Dennis Boutsikaris) is the new head writer and previously wrote for Barney Miller, Cheers and Taxi. He has a picture of his idol, Dick Van Dyke, on his desk.

Laura Miller (Alison La Placa) is Jerry’s assistant who says, “Jackie is insane. I’m not talking wacky, funny insane . . . I’m talking clinical, dangerously insane.” She longs to be a writer.

Nancy Mincher (Maryedith Burrell) is a staff writer and previously wrote for The Brady Bunch and Who’s the Boss? She was fired from The Brady Bunch for trying to seduce Greg and claims, “I’m the one responsible for giving Marcia her depth.”

Grant Watson (Michael Boatman) and Bobby Wynn (Paul Feig) are the remaining members of Jerry’s writing team. Bobby is Jackie’s drinking buddy from Iowa. He performs standup comedy at various clubs and Jackie keeps him around as the writers’ joke man.

Doug Talbot (Martin Mull) is the network’s flunkie. He was previously a vice president at NBC and worked there at the same time as Jerry (when he wrote for Cheers). Doug was fired for trying to cancel Cheers.

The co-stars of The Jackie Thomas Show are Sophie Ford (Jeannetta Arnette), who plays Jackie’s television wife, Helen, and Chas Walker (Breckin Meyer), who plays their son, Timmy. Sophie dreads the thought of having to kiss Jackie on the show and does so only to keep her job.

Chris Thomas (Chris Farley) is Jackie’s brother.

Guest stars on the show included Eddie Albert, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Leeza Gibbons, Arsenio Hall, Gary Coleman and Kevin Meaney.

This was the first of two failed sitcoms produced by Roseanne Barr for her husband Tom Arnold. The next was titled Tom.

Jackie Thomas
Tom Arnold
Jerry Harper
Dennis Boutsikaris
Laura Miller
Alison La Placa
Grant Watson
Michael Boatman
Bobby Wynn
Paul Feig
Nancy Mincher
Maryedith Burrell
Doug Talbot
Martin Mull
Sophie Ford (Helen Thomas)
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