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Jackson Pace: The Great Years

1 9 9 0 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived Granada series starred Keith Allen as Jackson Pace, an Indiana Jones-style adventurer who was handy with his fists, loved the glint of treasure and refused to give up on anything.

Daniel Peacock (who wrote the series) co-starred as trusty sidekick Roger Whibley.

Pace and Whibley were using the ‘parchment of Kinard’ which detailed the whereabouts of three sacred keystones, which could then be used to unlock the gates of the hidden temple in the land of Ja Ja Bar.

Standing in their way was Princess Layme (Cory Pulman), an Egyptian princess who hoped to use the treasure of Kinard to bankroll the construction of an opulent palace.

Layme was surrounded at all times by her snivelling assistant Lord Layta (Paul B Davies) and the blind mystic Lord Taggon (Hugh Paddick).

Weedy and bespectacled Prince Filo (Gian Sammarco) was determined to bring back the treasure of Kinard in order to win Layme’s heart and quash Pace for good.

Shady American Commander Daken (Nic D’Avirro) was a ruthless killer complete with a robotic hand which wanted to crush Pace’s fragile neck into a million tiny pieces.

Meanwhile, resourceful journalist Ryveeta Tusk (Josie Lawrence) had stowed away on Pace’s plane to get an exclusive scoop for her tabloid rag. Despite her self interest, she was the closest thing Pace had to an ally.

The series was bursting at the seams with action, and the scripts were full of razor-sharp gags – many of a distinctly “adult” nature, including references to boobies and schoolboy masturbation, and Josie Lawrence munching seductively on a sausage.

Exploits included meeting the lost tribe of Popapa, swinging through the jungle with Tarzan, nearly becoming Barry the Yeti’s dinner and being forced to endure the hideous culinary delights of the Fat Lady.

Jackson Pace
Keith Allen
Ryveeta Tusk
Josie Lawrence
Prince Filo 
Gian Sammarco
Roger Whibley
Daniel Peacock
Lord Taggon
Hugh Paddick
Princess Layme
Cory Pulman
Lord Layta
Paul B. Davies
Commander Daken
Nic D’Avirro