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1 9 9 5 – 2 0 0 5 (USA)

David James Elliott and Tracey Needham starred as Lieutenant Harmon ‘Harm’ Rabb Jr and Lieutenant (jg) Meg Austin, two lawyers assigned to the office of the Judge Advocate General (J.A.G.) of the US Navy.

Although most of their assignments dealt with members of the military, the two Lieutenants were sometimes asked to defend civilians as well, and their job took them all over the world.

Rabb – who was the son of a navy pilot who went missing in action in the Vietnam War – had been a Top Gun pilot until a crash on a carrier at sea left him with night blindness.

He was haunted by his father’s disappearance and never gave up hope that one day he would be found.

When the series moved from NBC to CBS in 1997 Needham was replaced by Catherine Bell, playing marine Major Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie.

Other regular characters included Commander Teddy Lindsey (W K Stratton), Commander Alison Krennick (Andrea Thompson), Lieutenant (jg) Bud Roberts (Patrick Labyorteaux), Admiral A J Chegwidden (John M Jackson), Agent Clayton Webb (Steven Culp), Ensign Harriet Sims (Karri Turner) and Petty Officer Jason Tiner (Chuck Carrington).

Lt. Harmon ‘Harm’ Rabb Jr
David James Elliott 
Lt. (jg) Meg Austin

Tracey Needham 
Maj. Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie

Catherine Bell