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Jeff Foxworthy Show, The

1 9 9 5 – 1 9 9 7 (USA)
41 x 30 minute episodes

Jeff Foxworthy – a ‘good ole boy’ whose humorous observations about rural white male American behaviour made him a popular comedian – starred on a weekly TV situation comedy that was on the air for one and a half years.

Originally in the series, Foxworthy owned a small heating and air conditioning company in Bloomington, Indiana. He and his wife Karen (Anita Barone), a nurse at Bloomington General Hospital were the parents of Matt (Haley Joel Osment), a gifted child who attended the genius program for gifted kids at school.

Karen and Matt often criticised their less sophisticated husband and father.

Walt Bacon (Matt Clark) and Russ Francis (Matt Borlenghi) were Jeff’s two rather dim employees at Foxworthy Heating and Air who ate at Earl’s Diner and hung out at Hagen’s Bar. Karen’s sarcastic friend and fellow-nurse, Sandi, was played by Sue Murphy.

Craig Lesko (Steve Hytner) was the Foxworthy’s condescending neighbour at The Hunt Club at Avon housing development where they lived. Karen’s disapproving parents, Elliott and Lois, were played by Dakin Matthews and Bibi Besch.

When the show moved from ABC to NBC in 1996 Karen was suddenly played by Ann Cusack, she and Jeff had somehow found a second son, Justin (Jonathan Lipnicki), and the family had moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where Jeff’s southern brand of humour seemed much more at home.

Jeff’s overpowering father, Big Jim Foxworthy (G W Bailey), also joined the cast when the Foxworthy’s moved to Atlanta.

Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Foxworthy 
Karen Foxworthy

Anita Barone (1)
Ann Cusack (2)
Matt Foxworthy
Haley Joel Osment
Walt Bacon 
Matt Clark
Russ Francis

Matt Borlenghi
Sue Murphy
Craig Lesko 

Steve Hytner
Dakin Matthews 

Bibi Besch
Justin Foxworthy
Jonathan Lipnicki
Big Jim Foxworthy 

G W Bailey