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Jupiter Moon

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 6 (UK)
150 x 30 minute episodes

This soap opera set in space followed the lives and loves of a group of students onboard the spacecraft Ilea – a floating university in semi-permanent orbit above Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.

In between the space dramas – strange viruses, rogue comets, plasma clouds and other spacial “anomalies” and lots of EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) – the students celebrated Valentine’s Day, held balls, competed in talent competitions, sat exams, travelled to and from Space City and fell in love.

A secondary plot dealt with an attempt to travel to the stars known as the Daedalus Mission, headed by Professor Brelan (Richard Derrington). The ship’s computer, Petra, was voiced by Charlotte Martin.

Produced by short-lived satellite channel BSB, the series actually managed to outlive BSB itself with the remaining unscreened episodes later picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel.

The cast included Anna Chancellor, Lucy Benjamin and Jason Durr before they were famous. The series – shown three times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.30 pm) – was recorded at the studios of Central Television in Birmingham.

Anna Begani
Anna Pernicci
Victoria Frobisher
Nicola Wright
Captain Eliot Creasy
Andy Rashleigh
First Officer Finbow Lewis
Phil Willmott
Petra (voice)
Charlotte Martin
Mercedes Page
Anna Chancellor
Melody Shaw
Suzy Cooper
Daniel Wetherby
Daniel Beales
Professor Brelan
Richard Derrington
Sara Robbins
Karen Murden
Jean-François Baul
Ashley Russell
Herlinde Gothard
Nikki Brooks
Rebecca Harvey
Alison Dowling
Fiona McBride
Lucy Benjamin
Dr Piers Gilpin
Dominic Arnold
Captain Natasha Kovitsky
Fiona Sinnott
Timothy Shaw
Andrew Read
Chantal de Gracy
Caroline Evans
Principal Harriet Bullock
Kathryn Hurlbutt
Alex Hartmann
Jason Durr
James Bromwich
Richard Lintern
Phillipe Gervais
Jamie Glover
Rosie Greenwood
Carolyn Backhouse
Paul Fitzroy Drummond
Richard Hainsworth
Megan Long
Dr Christophe Chazalon
Christopher Simon
Cats Kitebrook
Nicholas Hutchison
Gabriella Tanzi
Fay Masterson
Jim Hawkins
Jim Shepley
Principal Paul Lockwood
Mark Jax
Vanda Wolff
Caroline Redl
Commissioner de Gracy
Kim Durham