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Keeping Up Appearances

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 5 (UK)
40 x 30 minute episodes
6 x specials

Only one thing mattered to Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “Bouquet”) – and that was what other people thought of her. From her suburban base in Blossom Avenue, Hyacinth (Patricia Routledge) moved heaven and earth to mix with “the right crowd” and to ensure that her reputation remained intact.

Sadly, her council house sisters, the slutty Daisy (Judy Cornwell) and the tarty Rose (Shirley Stelfox and then Mary Millar) – plus her shirtless lager-guzzling brother-in-law, Onslow (Geoffrey Hughes) – ensured it was a battle she was doomed to lose.

They looked after Hyacinth’s loopy old dad (George Webb) and were always likely to pop around unannounced in Onslow’s S-reg Cortina (complete with furry dice).

Undaunted, Hyacinth badgered her meek, long-suffering husband, Richard (Clive Swift), into helping with her candlelight suppers and other socially aspirant schemes, and talked up the brilliance of her (unseen) son Sheridan who was away at a polytechnic, to all who would listen.

She answered the telephone with a ringing “The Bucket residence – the lady of the house speaking”, and hounded her neighbours Elizabeth (Josephine Tewson) and divorced brother, Emmet (David Griffin), to the point where they became prisoners in their own home and were thrown into a frenzy of nerves by a simple invitation to afternoon coffee.

Generally, though, it was Hyacinth’s own social gaffes that scuppered her rise to the top.

Hyacinth Bucket
Patricia Routledge
Richard Bucket

Clive Swift

Josephine Tewson
Emmet Hawksworth

David Griffin

Judy Cornwell

Geoffrey Hughes

Shirley Stelfox (1)
Mary Millar (2)

Jeremy Gittins

George Webb