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1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 3 (UK)
19 x 30 minute episodes

A TV version of the 1980s radio series Radio Active which lampooned commercial radio stations.

The cast now turned their attention to the field of satellite television – in particular, the newly-launched Sky TV – targeting crass chat shows and banal game shows, replete with shameless advertising and terrible presenters.

The series charted the rise of the station from its launch (which was postponed almost a year) through highlights such as ‘Brown Nose Day’, Talking Head (a show about sex), the striptease game Gettem Off!, a pop show hosted by Ernie Wise and Eddie The Eagle, and The Sexciting Sixties, a trip down memory lane which ended with a documentary on ‘Woodstock 3’, starring Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra.

Anna Daptor
Helen Atkinson Wood
Mike Channel
Angus Deayton
Martin Brown
Michael Fenton Stevens
Mike Flex
Geoffrey Perkins
Continuity Announcer
Philip Pope
Clifford Halliwell
Geoffrey McGivern
Carlotta Castella (Dorothy)
Roberta Fox
Jose Torres (Bertrand)
Zeh Prado
Cliff Parisi
Geoffrey Whitehead
George, Marquess of Stanmore
Philip Aldridge
Pop Star
Chris Lang
Carlos Augusto (Trevor)
Simão Rubim
Emil Magenta (Reginald)
Bryan Brittain
Colin the Cameraman
Andy Taylor
Dave Saunders
Perry Fenwick