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This Life

1 9 9 6 – 1 9 9 7 (UK)
32 x 45 minute episodes

A British soap about a group of house-sharing young twentysomething middle-class lawyers – mostly sorted for E’s, whizz, sex, swearing and envy at Porsche-driving thirtysomethings, rather than concerning themselves with the tiresome burden of any actual legal work.

This Life was among the first British productions in the 1990s to take TV drama to a new level, pointing the roving eye of fly-on-the-wall documentaries at scripted performances.


Without traditional blocked-out and rehearsed moves, the cameras struggled to keep up with the actors’ naturalistic movements, creating a fast-moving, energetic show that left some viewers queasy. Much TV is made this way now, but in 1996 it was something special.

Tailor-made for the elusive 16 to 24-year-old viewer demographic, it tried for the stark, catchy visuals of NYPD Blue but failed. It became a major cult show anyway.

The five housemates at Benjamin Street in Southwark knew each other but didn’t necessarily get along. Ambitious and hard-working Milly (Amitra Dhiri) was in a relationship with Egg (Andrew Lincoln), who hated his job and felt directionless until he found his niche in catering.

Egg’s coworker Warren (Jason Hughes) was a naive, closeted gay Welshman, while sparks flew between arrogant and selfish Miles (Jack Davenport) and his ex-girlfriend, impetuous, brash and chaotic Anna (Daniela Nardini).

In its second season, the story opened up to include peripheral characters such as Warren’s cousin Kira (Luisa Bradshaw-White), barrister’s clerk Jo (Steve John Shepherd) – one of Anna’s one night stands – and various other coworkers.

The one-off This Life +10 (2007) reunited the gang for their tenth anniversary, but a decade is a long time on television. Viewers were less likely to be shocked by casual sex and recreational drug use, and the characters had grown up, making the sequel rather tame.

Miles Stewart
Jack Davenport
Milly Nassim
Amita Dhiri
Edgar ‘Egg’ Cook
Andrew Lincoln
Anna Forbes
Daniela Nardini
Luisa Bradshaw-White
Michael O’Donnell
David Mallinson
Steve John Shepherd
Cyril Nri
Ferdinand ‘Ferdy’ Garcia
Ramon Tikaram
Natasha Little
Warren Jones
Jason Hughes
Geoffrey Bateman


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