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Live and Kicking

1 9 9 3 – 2 0 0 1 (UK)

Andi Peters, Emma Forbes and John Barrowman originally hosted this Saturday morning kids show on the BBC which replaced Going Live! (but took many of the features from it, such as phone-ins, competitions, games and cartoons) on 2 October 1993. Guests on the first show were Michelle Gayle and Linford Christie, with music from Take That.

Other regulars included comedy duo Trevor and Simon and, later, Ben, Gez and Rich from The Cheese Shop, and SuperGirly. A segment called ‘Run The Risk’ was an adaptation of ‘Double Dare’ from Going Live! in which teams of children completed various obstacle courses and challenges. Gunge was often included to make the tasks harder.

‘Famous for Five Minutes’ allowed a family the chance to shine, while ‘It’s My Life’ looked at people with unusual lifestyles – in the first week, a new age traveller.

From 1994 until 2000 there was also a showbiz segment called the Electric Circus, which featured the latest films, music, computer games and gossip. From the second series, two puppet leprechauns, later named as Mr Sage and Mr Onion, became regulars.

Andi Peters decided to leave the programme in 1996, after being offered an executive role at LWT, where he also presented Saturday mid-morning music programme The Noise. Emma Forbes initially planned to continue, but during the programme’s summer break she also decided to leave, after finding out she was pregnant.

They were replaced by Zoe Ball (pictured at right) and Jamie Theakston, who presented the show for three years.

The show’s success was such that a Friday show – L&K Friday – was introduced. Proceedings were further enlivened by the antics of Mr Blobby.

After three years, Zoe Ball decided to move on and Theakston followed shortly afterwards.

The show returned in Autumn 1999 with new presenters Emma Ledden and Steve Wilson, who only lasted one season as ratings continued to fall.

The following October, the programme was completely revamped, with a line-up of Ortis Deley, Katy Hill, Trey Farley and Sarah Cawood. Hill was replaced by unknown Heather Suttie as the show was moved to BBC Scotland on 21 April until the final show aired on 15 September 2001 as SM:TV upset the BBCs dominance of Saturday mornings.

Andi Peters
Emma Forbes
John Barrowman
Trevor and Simon
Zoe Ball
Jamie Theakston
Emma Ledden
Steve Wilson
Ortis Deley
Katy Hill
Trey Farley
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Heather Suttie