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Love Hurts

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 4 (UK)
30 x 60 minute episodes

This BBC series starred Adam Faith and Zoe Wanamaker.


Tessa Piggott (Wanamaker) goes through a messy break up from her married ex-lover/boss when he leaves her for a younger mistress.

So, she decides to get a new job and leaves the rat race behind for a position at a charity with an old college chum, Diane Warburg (who’s also a rabbi).

Tessa finds a new boyfriend in Frank Carver (Faith), a roguish entrepreneur whose learning how to live with his college-age daughter.

The course of Tessa and Frank’s romance and the stories of their friends and families make up the episode plots.

Frank Carver
Adam Faith
Tessa Piggott
Zoë Wanamaker
Max Taplow
Tony Selby
Diane Warburg
Jane Lapotaire
Malcolm Litoff
Richard Cordery
Jade Carver
Robin Weaver
Jonathan Friedman
Laurence Amias