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Mad About You

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 9 (USA)

Created by Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson, this NBC sitcom series centred on a newly married young couple, Paul (a documentary filmmaker) and Jamie (an executive for the Ferrah-Ganz public relations firm on Madison Avenue) Buchman.

The Buchman’s lived in a New York apartment with their dog Murray and the comedy usually revolved around the little things in life that most couples face when they set up a new home together and try to adjust to each other’s idiosyncrasies.


When asked what the series was about, Paul Reiser stated, “The feeling of the show should be like a couple’s car ride home after a party, when you can finally say what you’ve been thinking all night. It’s what the world is like behind closed doors”.

Other regular characters on the show during its early years were Jamie’s innocently insensitive single sister, Lisa Stemple, Paul’s sloppy bachelor friend, Jay Selby, Fran and Dr Mark David Devanow (Paul and Jamie’s friends), and Paul’s cousin Ira Buchman.

Making occasional appearances over the years were Judy Geeson as Maggie, Paxton Whitehead as Hal, Jeff Garlin as Marvin, Cynthia Harris and Louis Zorich as Paul’s parents (Sylvia and Burt), Robin Bartlett as Paul’s sister Debbie and Carol Burnett and Carroll O’Connor as Jamie’s parents (Theresa and Gus Stemple).

In the 1997 season, Jamie gave birth to baby Mabel, adding an additional plot element to the humour.

Mad About You was originally to be titled Loved By You with the Marvin Gaye song How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You as the theme song. The studio couldn’t clear the song for broadcast so they changed the title.


Paul Buchman
Paul Reiser
Jamie Buchman
Helen Hunt
Ira Buchman

John Pankow
Lisa Stemple

Anne Elizabeth Ramsay
Jay Selby

Tommy Hinkley
Fran Devanow

Leila Kenzle
Dr Mark David Devanow

Richard Kind

Judy Geeson

Paxton Whitehead

Jeff Garlin
Sylvia Buchman

Cynthia Harris
Burt Buchman

Louis Zorich
Debbie Buchman

Robin Bartlett
Theresa Stemple
Carol Burnett
Gus Stemple
Carroll O’Connor