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Man From Snowy River, The

1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 6 (Australia)
65 x 60 minute episodes

A hardy family carved out a life on the Australian frontier in the late 1800s – supposedly 25 years after the events which took place in the 1982 movie starring Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson – in this cartoonish adventure cum soap opera as Banjo Patterson’s classic poem was turned into the most expensive Australian television series to date courtesy of the Nine Network.

Matt McGregor (Andrew Clarke) headed the McGregor clan, consisting of sons Colin (Brett Climo) and Rob (Guy Pearce) and daughters Danni (first Kristie Raymond and then Joelene Crnogorac) and Emily (Sheryl Munks).

Matt not only ran the family’s sprawling Langara ranch but was also a leading citizen of the nearby town of Patterson’s Ridge (a small town in the mountains near Melbourne) and the local member of parliament.

Representing the forces of evil in the area were the Blackwoods, who had bribed and cheated their way to great wealth.

After the disappearance of Oliver Blackwood (John Stanton), that family was headed by his son, Frank (Rodney Bell), a vain, oily young man who habitually dressed in black and who bickered with his sister, Victoria (Amanda Douge), at the family’s palatial estate, Balmoral.

Matt’s chief ally in his battles with the scheming Blackwoods was Kathleen (Wendy Hughes), an independent woman who ran a ranch, operated the local newspaper and taught school.

Widower Matt could use a woman with that many talents around the house, but feisty Kathleen was not ready to marry yet.

Continuing stories included the death of Matt’s vengeful nephew, Luke (Joshua Lucas); the disappearance of Frank and Victoria’s father, Oliver; assorted romances; and Emily’s pregnancy.

A real-world romance between Andrew Clarke and visiting actress Victoria Tennant (who left her husband, comedian Steve Martin) attracted almost as much attention as the series. Olivia Newton-John had a small part.

Released in some markets as Snowy River: The McGregor Saga.

Matt McGregor
Andrew Clarke
Colin McGregor
Brett Climo
Rob McGregor
Guy Pearce
Emily McGregor
Sheryl Munks
Kathleen O’Neil
Wendy Hughes
Michael O’Neil
Ben Geurens
Danni McGregor
Kristie Raymond (1)
Joelene Crnogorac (2)
Victoria Blackwood
Amanda Douge
Frank Blackwood
Rodney Bell
Oliver Blackwood
John Stanton
Luke McGregor
Joshua Lucas
Duncan Jones
Hugh Jackman
Ruth Whitney
Tracy Nelson
Anita Hargreaves
Victoria Tennant
Joanna Walker
Olivia Newton-John
Professor Julius Waugh
Dean Stockwell
Yvonne Waugh
Jane Badler