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May To December

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 4 (UK)
39 x 30 minute episodes

Anton Rodgers (from Fresh Fields) starred as ageing solicitor Alec Callender, who marries a younger woman, Zoe, with whom he eventually has a daughter, Fleur.

As well as scenes in the Callender household, the family firm’s office in Pinner figured prominently, where the secretarial desks were occupied by the prim Miss Vera Flood and the daffy ‘h’-dropping ‘ilary.

When Hilary left the employ of Semple, Callender and Henty for the Isle of Wight she was replaced by the Scottish but daffy Rosie MacConnachy.

Also working at the law firm was Jamie, Callender’s son from his first marriage, who eventually became a partner – at which point the name of the firm changed to Semple, Callender and Callender.

It didn’t exactly tickle the ribs, but it wasn’t particularly hateworthy either.

Alec Callender
Anton Rodgers
Zoe Callender (nee Angell)
Eve Matheson (1)
Lesley Dunlop (2)
Jamie Callender
Paul Venables
Miss Vera Flood
Frances White
Rebecca Lacey
Rosie MacConnachy
Ashley Jensen
Carolyn Pickles
Kate Williams