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Mike & Angelo

1 9 8 9 – 2 0 0 0 (UK)
123 x 20 minute episodes

Rita King (Shelley Thompson) and her son Mike (Matt Wright) arrived in London from America to start a new life in England. Living in a strange old house, Mike pined for the home and friends that he had left behind.

But Mike was not lonely for long because lurking in the house was friendly alien Angelo (Tyler Butterworth) who could walk on ceilings, was an accomplished but weird inventor, and generally created havoc around the house.

Much of the comedy stemmed from Mike and Rita’s attempts to keep the truth about Angelo a secret, especially from Rita’s nosey mother (Libby Morris).

Angelo regenerated (Doctor Who style) at the beginning of series three with Tyler Butterworth replaced in the role by Tim Whitnall.

In series five, Rita got herself a new job and Angelo found himself a new friend – another American boy named Mike Mason (Michael Benz). Also on hand was Scottish drama student Katy Andrews (Katy Murphy), who occasionally joined in their adventures as well.

By series 11, Rita and Mike had returned to America leaving Angelo and Katy alone. But next-door neighbour Mrs Daphne Fawkes-Bentley (Elizabeth Estensen) had her niece Michaela (Gemma Gregory) come to stay and “Mickey” soon became involved in Angelo’s adventures and mishaps.

Katy’s nephew was introduced towards the end of the run – who was also “coincidentally” named Mike (Steven Geller).

This Thames Television children’s series ran for 12 seasons between 16 March 1989 and 7 March 2000.

Tyler Butterworth (1)
Tim Whitnall (2)
Mike King
Matt Wright
Rita King
Shelley Thompson
Mike Mason
Michael Benz
Katy Andrews
Katy Murphy
Philippa Fraser
Alessia Gwyther
Nancy Mancini
Libby Morris
Cyril Pinner
John Levitt
Melanie Pinner
Alexandra Milman
Daphne Fawkes-Bentley
Elizabeth Estensen
Michaela ‘Mickey’ Fawkes-Bentley
Gemma Gregory