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Moon and Son

1 9 9 2 (UK)
13 x 50 minute episodes

Millicent Martin and John Michie starred as Gladys and Trevor Moon – a mother and son team of private eyes who worked the outdoor markets in Southern England and France in their mobile ‘astravan’ gift shop and relied on horoscopes, tarot cards and suchlike in their efforts to track down absconded felons and stolen property.

Mother was a gin-loving psychic with all the fairground trappings who had no powers beyond intuition and experience of life. Trevor was a hard-headed businessman who just wanted to make a quid out of their astral accessories – but was also the one with the genuine psychic talents.

A commissioned second series was hastily withdrawn when the BBC saw the ratings for the first couple of episodes.

Gladys Moon
Millicent Martin
Trevor Moon
John Michie
Cecile Coulmier
Laure Killing
Det. Sgt. Eavis
Ian Redford
Inspector Sardou
Patrick Drury
Zelda Lee
Anita Graham
John Fitzgerald Jay


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