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New Addams Family, The

1 9 9 8 – 1 9 9 9 (USA)
65 x 30 minute epispodes

This revised 90s version of the original 1964–66 ABC series The Addams Family featured an entirely new cast although the costumes, personalities and much of the original structure remained.

Gomez (Glenn Taranto) still dabbled in the stock market while his wife, Morticia (Ellie Harvie), sculpted statues from stone and used swamp water for cooking.

Eleven-year-old death-obsessed Wednesday (Nicole Fugere) was hell-bent on killing her pudgy eight-year-old brother, Pugsley (Brody Smith), who she considered “an expendable guinea pig”.

Uncle Fester (Michael Roberds) still slept on a bed of nails and put a light bulb in his mouth to illuminate it, while the faithful family butler Lurch (John DeSantis) loved to play the piano.

The original Gomez Addams (John Astin) made a cameo guest appearance as Grandpa Addams.

Gomez Addams
Glenn Taranto
Morticia Addams
Ellie Harvie
John DeSantis
Uncle Fester
Michael Roberds
Wednesday Addams
Nicole Fugere
Pugsley Addams
Brody Smith
Steven Fox
Grandmama Eudora Addams
Betty Phillips