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1 9 9 5 – 1 9 9 9 (USA)
97 x 25 minute episodes

One of the most underrated sitcoms in the history of the medium, NewsRadio began with Dave Nelson (Dave Foley) eagerly starting his new job as news director at major New York all-news radio station WNYX, only to find out he must fire his cantankerous predecessor first.

The cast featured Stephen Root as eccentric millionaire boss Jimmy James and the late Phil Hartman as blowhard news anchor Bill McNeal.

The series never really recovered from the loss of Hartman, who was shot dead by his wife on 28 May 1998 (during the production hiatus after the fourth season). His death was addressed in the first episode of the fifth season, where his character, Bill, was revealed to have died of a sudden heart attack.

Though the series received critical acclaim, ratings were inconsistent. During its run, NewsRadio‘s time slot changed 11 times.

Dave Nelson
Dave Foley
Jimmy James
Stephen Root
Matthew Brock
Andy Dick
Lisa Miller
Maura Tierney
Vicki Lewis
Joe Garrelli
Joe Rogan
Johnny Johnson
Patrick Warburton
Bill McNeal
Phil Hartman
Catherine Duke
Khandi Alexander
Max Lewis
Jon Lovitz