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Noel’s House Party

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 9 (UK)
51 x 50 minute episodes

Noel’s House Party was set in a stately home in the fictitious hamlet of Crinkley Bottom, with the show’s guests turning up at the door and being either invited in to do their turn or sent away by the host.

Debuting on 23 November 1991 and broadcast live, the show quickly attracted a viewing audience of 4 million. At its peak in 1993, Noel’s House Party was regularly pulling in audiences of 15 million.

The show’s most infamous creation was undoubtedly Mr Blobby – a vile pink-and-yellow rubberised heap of boggle-eyed manic activity.

Blobby became a monster – albeit a monster with numerous merchandising opportunities, including a Christmas #1 single and theme parks at various sites around the UK, including one at Morecambe, which folded amid recriminations and legal action between Lancaster City Council and Noel Edmonds’ company, Unique.

Noel Edmonds
The Butler
Ronnie Corbett