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Normal Life

1 9 9 0 (USA)
14 x 30 minute episodes

Novelist and playwright Max Harlow (Max Gail) and his wife Anne (Cindy Williams) are raising their family in a house in Los Angeles

Their oldest child, Tess (Moon Unit Zappa), has a number of brief jobs (New Market Films, Hollywood Wax Museum, an art gallery). Her spaced-out best friend is Prima (Bess Meyer). They get their hair done at a salon called Chez Brad.

Jake (Dweezil Zappa), the middle child (19 years old), plays guitar in a professional band and makes video movies. Youngest child Simon (Josh Williams) attends Valley Junior High School and is a member of the Wildcats basketball team.

Dr Bob Gordon (Jim Staahl) is the Harlows’ neighbour.

Max Gail was virtually written out of the show after a few episodes were recorded and was frequently referred to throughout the series (postcards, telephone calls etc) but rarely seen.

The short-lived show was originally based on the real and unconventional home life of the Zappa children and their rocker dad Frank Zappa but the studio watered down the concept considerably, resulting in fairly standard sitcom fare.

Anne Harlow
Cindy Williams
Jake Harlow
Dweezil Zappa
Tess Harlow
Moon Unit Zappa
Max Harlow
Max Gail
Simon Harlow
Josh Williams
Bess Meyer
Dr Bob
Jim Staahl