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1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 4 (USA)
68 x 30 minute episodes

The third floor (known as “Three West”) of the Community Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, provided the setting for a comical look at the working lives of its

Head nurse Sandy Miller (Stephanie Hodge) was bitter about her recent divorce from plastic surgeon Howard Miller. She lived in an apartment that had an ocean view “but they built a high rise that obstructs the view – and I’m still paying for the view!”

Nurse Julie Milbury (Mary Jo Keenen) previously worked as a psychiatric social worker but had to quit because she got too nervous around the patients. She was also a hypochondriac with a number of phobias (she was afraid to ride in a crowded elevator or fly over water, for example). Her middle name was Ronald (her parents were expecting a boy) and her favourite eatery was Trader Vic’s.

KC McAfee (Loni Anderson) oversaw hospital operations but wanted a corporate job and saw the Medical Center as a pit stop on her way to the top. She previously worked at a snack food company called Little Stephanie International and her hobby was collecting snow globes.

Jack Trenton (David Rasche) was a businessman who had been convicted of insider trading and sentenced to 3,000 hours of community service at the hospital.

This show shared the same creator (Susan Harris) as The Golden Girls and Empty Nest and the shows often shared plotlines and guest-starred characters from the other shows.

Nurse Sandy Miller
Stephanie Hodge
KC McAfee
Loni Anderson
Nurse Julie Milbury
Mary Jo Keenen
Jack Trenton
David Rasche
Nurse Greg Vincent
Jeff Altman
Nurse Annie Roland
Arnetia Walker
Nurse Gina Cuevas
Ada Maris
Dr Hank Kaplan
Kip Gilman
Dr Howard Miller
Matt McCoy
Dr Riskin
Florence Stanley
Paco Ortiz
Carlos Lacamara